About Us

Meet our Family

Started in 2007 by Keith and Sue Graham, MVG has provided pesticide-free produce for Northwest Montana for 15 years.

Although they started with just lettuce, the Grahams found their niche in tomatoes and cucumbers. MVG quickly expanded to provide more people in more cities with quality tomatoes and cucumbers. After a near-fatal accident in 2011 accompanied by a long recovery, Keith came back to work with a desire to do more than just grow and sell produce; he wanted MVG to be a family farm that contributed to its local community. In 2014 the Grahams hired their son-in-law, Noah Hashley, as the greenhouse manager to bring this vision to existence. MVG keeps its customers at the forefront of their minds with every tomato and cucumber they pick. Noah is now the Operations Manager and continues to grow the farm under Keith’s guidance. They are always planning new things to grow and new ways to grow them. Noah’s son Everett can be seen roaming the rows of tomatoes from time to time.

We love our community

Mountain View Gardens strives to do more for its community while continuously attaining the high standard of quality in its tomatoes and cucumbers. Currently, MVG donates produce to Flathead Food Bank. If there is an organization that you are a part of that could use fresh, quality, pesticide-free produce, let us know!

What is hydroponics?