How We Grow

Our Seeds:

Our seeds don’t come from labs, but regular seed companies. We even use seeds that are common for the hobby-gardener to buy for their backyard garden. We never use seeds that are genetically modified.

Our Seedlings:

Although many people identify hydroponics as growing plants in water, it is also growing plants in sand, gravel or other growing mediums. We use coco-peat, an organic, natural fiber from coconut husks, to grow our plants. Growing this way uses 1/10 of the amount of water used in traditional farming.

Our Greenhouse:

We use large greenhouses to protect our plants from unfavorable weather. We are even able to start new plants in the winter months allowing us to harvest tomatoes and cucumbers 9 months of the year.

Our Bugs:

Although we are in a greenhouse, bad bugs can still get in. Instead of killing bad bugs with harmful chemicals and pesticides, we keep our customers safe by using beneficial bugs such as ladybugs to rid our farm of the bad bugs.

Our Bees:

We have our own bee hives! They pollinate all the plants in our greenhouse. They have a big job!

Our dedication to food safety:

We meet all specifications for FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) compliance and are even GAP (USDA Good Agricultural Practices) certified voluntarily.

Our tomatoes:

Picked ripe on the vine for quintessential nutrition and flavor.

Your food:

Tasty, nutritious, and pesticide-free produce from your local family farm!